Dave & Lynette Jacoby

Democrats in Senate District 37 have options on the June 5 primary ballot. We will proudly cast our vote for Zach Wahls.

Zach is genuine, and he cares deeply for his community. He is also quite accomplished as a University of Iowa and Princeton graduate, best-selling author, presenter at the Democratic National Convention, and director of Scouts for Equality. As a teen he became an outspoken advocate for marriage equality following his speech before the Iowa Legislature.

Zach is a proven leader and advocate who is invested in making Iowa a better place for everyone, not just a few. Our state is moving in the wrong direction, leaving too many Iowans behind. As parents of two college-aged daughters we are keenly aware of the importance of affordable postsecondary educational opportunities and the need for a solid job market, and inclusive and inviting communities that keep young Iowans at home. We need a voice in Des Moines who will fight for education, health care, women’s reproductive rights and increasing incomes for Iowans.

Zach listens. He cares. He connects. He fights. Join us in voting for Zach Wahls, a proven leader.

Lynette and Dave Jacoby

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